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Leo (July 23-August 22)



Character Traits of the Astrological Sun Sign Leo

Leo lives for the spotlight. Just imagine a proud, roaring lion, soaking himself in the sun, while his harem of lionesses go out to hunt, and you have the perfect picture for most Leo’s you’ll meet, male or female. Oh, Leos are not lazy, far from it! But they will be happy to leave the less glamorous work for their “entourage” to handle, while they take the glory and the spotlight, and in most cases, everyone loves them despite it all. Why? Charm. Leos really do brighten up the room. Leo is among the most creative and charming of signs. Lots of entertainers, producers and showpeople have this sign strong in their charts. Hot, passionate and sexy, Leo is not the most faithful of signs necessarily, though strong Water or a strong Saturn in the chart can moderate this somewhat. The truth is they like to be the centre of attention in all things including love. Just look at Leos Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger.