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Tripping “The Lights” Fantastic by Wendy Guy of

The astrological version of the Sacred Dance is, of course, the twirling of the planets in their interwoven cycles across the sky. When two heavenly bodies interact in their orbits, we have the making of a combined cycle that becomes greater than the sum of its celestial parts. The most visible of these is the Sun and Moon—or “The Lights,” as they’re called by astrologers. Although both the Sun and Moon are involved, we often think of it simply as the Lunar cycle, since it is evident through the changing appearance of the Moon. The Moon’s shape changes with the amount of reflected light from the Sun that we’re able to see from Earth. As the Moon circles the Earth, we see greater or lesser amounts of that light, correlating to an increasing or decreasing amount of Lunar energy that’s consciously available to us.

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Astrological Forecast for 2013 by Phil Reckard

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It’s always way too easy to predict hurricanes and floods with climate change being what it is but 2013 sees water, water everywhere. We’ll simply need to be making the choices of whether to head for higher ground, build an ark, or much more appropriately, to symbolically ride the waves and/or go with the flow, fully within every Here-and-Tao moment we possibly can. Relax folks, it may well be a sloshy and slurpy ride but we at least survived the Mayans, no?

Not only is 2013 the Chinese year of the Water Snake but each of the three Mercury retrograde cycles will occur entirely within the only three Water signs;

Pisces, February 23 – March 17,
Cancer, June 26 – July 20, and
Scorpio, October 21 – November 10.

Plus, April 25 sees a Watery Lunar eclipse (Moon in Scorpio), and November 3 sports a Scorpio Solar eclipse, quite the Scorpionic edgy-water kind of year. And oh yeah, that’s where the old coot Saturn will be from start to finish, with a retrograde cycle of its own from mid February to early July, entirely within Scorpio. Remember, Saturn entered Scorpio in early October 2012, and (Category 1) Hurricane Sandy hit three weeks later, not to ignore the under-reported Category 5 typhoon Bopha hitting the Philippines in December, only 1,500-plus souls were lost there, making Sandy look like an April shower in comparison. Katrina was only a Category 3 …

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Forecast for the end of the world – HA! – not – December 2012

Forecast for the end of the world – HA! – not – December 2012 Click here, to consult with PhilSee Phil’s Forecast for 2012


Mercury retrograde to Dec 13.
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by psychic astrologer, Phil

Okay folks, it’s finally here, the “time” to consider what the end of the world might actually look like. Imagining an apocalyptic ending is intellectually lazy because everyone would bite the dust – and become the dust – at the same time, and there would be nothing we could do about it. The much more difficult and scarier but super-courageous thing to imagine would be to contemplate the death of our physical bodies, eventually some day, and most probably not on December 21.

It takes courage and something far greater, a fuller understanding about our past-lives and the fundamental nature of time, or at least time as we currently know it. In our current 3D human condition time is linear, one second follows another, one minute hops into the next, Friday is followed by Saturday and before we know it, several decades have passed. It just doesn’t happen that way in the spirit world – our true home – where every “past” life is happening simultaneously and parallel to this one, in what we call 2012. In this light (literally), time is the prison from which we’re currently escaping, a major component of the Great Awakening.

So, November was about releasing our inner phoenix, as if we’ve been shivering fetal-style under a pile of ashes our entire lives, December 21 “just” represents another release point, perhaps all (or some) of us moving into the fourth dimension but I wouldn‘t bet the ranch on it, just stay tuned-in.

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November 2012, Mercury Retrograde Alert

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by Global Psychics’
psychic astrologer, Phil
November 2012, Mercury retrograde alert

It’s not so much that Mercury turns retrograde this month (from the 6th to the 26th) but where it happens, as Mercury moves “backward” from (4°) Sagittarius and back into Scorpio on the 14th. The ancient archetype of this Sagittarius/Scorpio cusp location can be seen in two ways; as either fatalistic or liberating, and as always the choices will be ours to make (or break). The ancient/fatalistic version sees the Archer holding the Scorpion’s claws in a death grip, while aiming his arrow at the Scorpion’s heart, as if he has at least three arms and hands to do it, so it‘s therefore an allegedly eternal stalemate. The fixed stars at this location between constellations were said to be evil, as if they were somehow out to “get” we humans, or something equally stupid. What’s involved here is the faulty notion that if we let go of something it will kill us, especially if we’re over-emulating Mercury by looking backward, regressing or even refusing to evolve forward.

And this Mercury retrograde cycle is also about the deadly sin of greed, befitting Scorpio‘s modern-day ruling planet Pluto, the ruler of wealth. Scorpio’s traditional ruler Mars is also in the mix here, showing us the tenacity of that eternal struggle between good and evil, control and release, war and peace, life and death even, so the stakes could be quite high for misguided folks who can‘t let go of the past, or those who believe that greed is somehow good, while Mercury is busy scrambling their brains.

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Phil’s Forecast for October 2012 (and the rest of the year… kind of…)

Forecast for October 2012 (and the rest of the year… kind of…)
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See Phil’s Forecast for 2012

by Global Psychics’
psychic astrologer, Phil

Rock-tober, strangely compelled…

An “October surprise“ is a guaranteed political election gambit here in the US, when some alleged dark secrets about a candidate are revealed just in time for the voting polls to open. We know they’ll be coming but we rarely see exactly what’s happening at the time, or where these surprises are coming from, behind the scenes for sure but it’s really a surprise they’re known as surprises at all. Such allegations are desperate last-ditch attempts to sway public opinion, lots of fun for political junkies to dissect but deceptive and misleading as all heck, the truth about anything is always a casualty.

And unfortunately, such negative and deceptive mind-games force us to peg our BS detectors to “stun” mode, and a lot of us futurists are sensing this mind-set as the main challenge for deciphering the rest of this fabled year. Yet, it also provides us with the blessed escape route of discernment, of separating the wheat from the chaff for ourselves, forcing us to find the gems of truth among the garbage. This necessary sifting process then forces us into our heart of hearts, showing us what really rings Universally true, the needed awakening portal of rediscovering our most essential birthright; our G-awed within us all.

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Welcome Back to

Welcome Back to, I want to thank you all for your patience and loyalty while we are rebuilding the site. After our outage, we have come back with a new design, and I’m toying with the idea of a new “blog-style” format for our front page. We’ll try it for a while and see how you like it. I will invite other astrologers to make guest posts on the blog, and we will have regular contributions from my friend and long-time contributor Wendy Guy.  

~ Brandi Jasmine


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The Full Moon always consists of the Sun at one end and the Moon at the other end, each in opposing signs. Opposite signs tend to be different sides of the same coin, so to speak, but we often react to them as if they were mutually exclusive.

Take Leo and Aquarius, for example. Leo is about the self – our conscious ego identity, which is what makes us unique from all the other conscious ego identities out there. Leo is also about self-expression – ways that enable us to shout from the rooftops: “I am! Here I am! Look at me, I’m a self!! Here, let me show you what I’m about!”

Aquarius, on the other hand, is associated with groups – a collection of conscious ego identities who share similar interests or perspectives or characteristics. But if there’s a collection of people who are like me, how am I unique? Am I unique?? What makes me Me if there are others that are like me? We are social animals, so we need association with others of like mind, but how do you preserve your sense of individuality in the face of similarity? Aren’t these ultimately mutually exclusive?

Well, yes and no.