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Ask What does the alignment of Moon, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter mean?

Dear What does the alignment of Moon, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter mean?

There is just such an alignment currently happening, though the placements are not close enough to be astrologically significant right at the moment. In my experience, you need planets to be within 3-5 degrees of each other to consider this a conjunction (other astrologers may beg to differ, to each their own). These planets right now range from Jupiter at 18′ Virgo to the Moon at 13′ Libra.

In a natal chart, It would depend a lot on what house these planets are transiting in, and what aspect if any natal planets the stellium (a collection of three or more planets in one sign or house) makes to other planets in both the natal chart and the transiting chart. All that analysis is one reason an astrological reading is so costly! (laugh). It takes a lot of time to nail all that stuff down, and you can never be sure you haven’t missed something.

Without that information, I wouldn’t be able to say where, if at all, something might manifest. Generally speaking such an aspect would be fortunate in love, romance, possibly in money. Venus and Jupiter are “lucky” while Mars brings energy and the Moon sensitivity. The Virgo/Libra energy makes healthcare, relationships, daily work and income possible beneficiaries of a boost of creative and positive energy right now. Where this falls in your chart would give an indicator of the area of life most likely to benefit.

It’s a powerful alignment, regardless. If you would like to have a chart calculated, you can get one free of charge at Astrodienst. Or,you can purchase a chart with a computer-generated interpretation from by clicking here.

Mars-Jupiter Cycles and Canadian History

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party’s election to a majority government on Monday, has inspired me to post some work I’ve done on Canadian history over the years. Transiting Mars made a conjunction to Jupiter in tropical Virgo two days prior to the Canadian federal election on Monday, October 19, 2015.

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Across your adventures in astrological navel gazing, you may have pored over the concepts of essential dignity and rationalized away your chart’s clear shortcomings until you could no longer ignore the inexorable truth: Your chart sucks.

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Are you feeling the urge to clean, de-clutter? – Monte Farber

“If you don’t feel like cleaning out, clearing out and getting organized now you are either cleaned, cleared and organized or immune to planetary energies.

At the risk of offending the delicate sensibilities of the anti-astrology crowd (why are they reading my posts, anyway?) having Jupiter, Mars and Venus a few degrees away from each other in the “Winter Is Coming” sign of Virgo means the background music of daily life now is “Get Ready ‘Cause Here I Come,” with “I” standing for whatever is headed your way, known and unknown.

Do your best and you’ll be better prepared than if you do nothing. Seems simple because it is but you’d be surprised how many people would rather not think about being prepared because it requires that you think about something “negative” and, this always gets me, they think preparing for something/thinking about it brings it on. Now THAT, not astrology, is superstition.”

Monte Farber (Facebook Posting, used with permission)

I am totally feeling this energy lately. The past month or so, I feel like I have to “get ready” for something, but I don’t know what! I invite you to share your own experiences with this energy on Monte’s Facebook page. Lots of other people are feeling it too. – Brandi Jasmine

Nodal Shift – Mean Node Virgo/Pisces October 11th 2015 – April 27th 2017 by Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency

On Oct 10 at 1:53 am UT, the mean nodes shift focus from the  Libra/Aries polarity to, Virgo and Pisces, this shift comes 11 hours after Mercury turns direct after a  recent retrograde, conjunct the North Node at zero Libra, adding to the shift  placing huge attention in a shift of focus at zero degrees of a cardinal sign.  Cardinal signs are the dynamic change agents in astrology charts, and this shift this week, will be more significant than you may think, as the past 19 months take on the next season of growth and progress. The nodes take 18.6 years to move around the zodiac, and spend 1.86 months in each sign and moving backward in zodiac 1 degree every 18.6 days. 

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Asteria “the starry one” by Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency

As the Moon progresses through the highly emotive sign of Scorpio, she meets up with the asteroid Asteria this afternoon, between 1pm and 5 pm (AEST).  Asteria is the archetype of “the starry one”, Titan Goddess of the darker or night time aspect of magic and oracles.

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October 12, 2015 New Moon in Libra, Wendy Guy

“Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?”

Libra’s job description is to hold up a mirror. I see myself reflected in you and you see yourself in me. It is a fundamental component of relationship, and it’s a necessary part of life. We come to self-awareness by listening to the echo of ourselves that bounces back from the external world.

This is especially true with the individuals closest to us. They see us close-up, and they see things about us that we don’t, or that we don’t know how to accept about ourselves.

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