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Plexus Health and Weight Loss Opportunity

A few years ago, my good friend Christine was diagnosed with MS. As we watched her decline in health, we began to fear it would not be long before we would lose her. I’d call her and her medications would make her so drowsy she couldn’t finish the call. Then she started taking Plexus. Now she is off most (I think maybe now all) her medications, and while she still has some challenges, she’s healthier and more energetic than me, and she’s lost weight as well. I decided I had to start taking Plexus too. I could only afford a month’s supply, but in that month I saw my sugar levels drop, and I decided as soon as I could, I’d sign up as an Ambassador myself.

So I’m two weeks into being an Ambassador, and I love the pink drink. It’s too soon to say what impact it has, but I definitely notice a difference if I forget to take it. I have already noticed I’m not craving pop as much.

I suspect that there might be supplementary benefits for empaths and intuitives with taking Plexus, though so far, I have to acknowledge I have absolutely no evidence to back that up. I only have the many exciting testimonials I have read for people who say that taking Plexus has reduced stress and anxiety levels. That’s a big problem for us. Frankly I don’t know an empath or intuitive who does not have that challenge (they may be out there, but I wager they are few and far between). Many empaths and intuitives struggle with weight, especially around the middle (3rd Chakra). Plexus also has a specially formulated combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids to help support healthy nerve cells and nervous system. It may reduce symptoms from nerve discomfort (This does not apply to nerve discomfort from an underlying disease such as diabetes, autoimmune disorder, or other applicable disease).

Plexus also offers an outstanding business opportunity. Many of you are stay at home moms and dads (or would like to be), and you may struggle with the realities of the material world (I can relate!). I’m adding Plexus to my portfolio of small businesses, and encourage you to check out this opportunity or to order products at I’m available via email to answer any questions you may have.  If you would like to talk via Skype or over the phone, include your Skype ID and/or phone number and the best time of day to reach you and I will be happy to call (evenings only).

Right now Plexus has a special! Enter the Promo Code THANKS to get 15% off your order, until April 15th.

US National Horoscope

This is an interpretation of the chart of the USA (July 4, 1776 and 5:12 pm LMT in Philadelphia, Pa) using the sidereal zodiac and Vedic astrology rules of interpretation. In my personal research this is the chart that has yielded the best results for natal and predictive info.

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AstroPro News February 29th Update by Richard Nolle

March is fast approaching, and brings with it the first solar eclipse of the year; which just happens to be the first SuperMoon of the year as well. And since it is a solar eclipse, which is always by definition a new moon, this is in fact a Stealth SuperMoon; i.e., the kind you can’t see, as opposed to the big, gloriously showy full moon variety. (It’s the first of three consecutive Stealth SuperMoons, truth be told: on March 9, April 7 and May 6.)

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How We View Life is How We Read Charts – By Liz Greene

Astrological Association Conference, Sept. 2008

The late Alexander Ruperti, in an article about Dane Rudhyar that he contributed to the Astrological Journal in 1986, wrote:

‘There is not one Astrology with a capital A. In each epoch, the astrology of the time was a reflection of the kind of order each culture saw in celestial motions, or the kind of relationship the culture formulated between heaven and earth.’ [1]

This is a statement well worth remembering, and even repeating to ourselves each time we attempt to define the nature of the astrology we practice according to our own individual belief system or world-view.

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The Astrology Of Age Differences In Relationships

The single subject area I deal with the most when doing a reading for clients is relationships. Sure, family relationships and boss/co-worker relationships often come up, but there’s nothing like romance to send someone to consult with an astrologer.

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(Not) The Astrology Of (Maybe) Planet X posted by Matthew Currie

Facebook — where we all get our news from since the collapse of real-world society somewhere around 2010 — is abuzz with the news that our Solar System is probably home to an undiscovered planet roughly the size of Neptune. As a long time fan of astronomy, I am both delighted and unmoved by this news story, but as an astrologer I am actively annoyed… not by the planet, but by the reaction of many astrologers and astrology enthusiasts I’ve seen out there.

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Dirty Astrological Tricks

It appears some unscrupulous web site has been pointing traffic to our hidden landing page for paid charts, without informing surfers that we charge for our charts. As a result we’ve gotten some rather nasty messages when we’ve informed people these charts aren’t free. Some of these people seem to think we’re fishing for email addresses or something, and that is NOT the case. We don’t maintain a mailing list at this time, nor have we for several years. The only way we would do that is strictly voluntary opt-in, but right now we don’t market that way at all. The only email you should ever get from the “” domain is a response to some inquiry you make of us, such as when you purchase horoscopes for your web site, or a personal reading. We don’t do unsolicited email. If you get any unsolicited email that appears to come from our domain, please let us know.

We have suspended our chart service through the web for the time being, until we track down the offending page(s) or find a way to hide them better from unscrupulous competitors.

If you are interested in a free computerized chart, please visit AstroDienst (Note – We have no relationship with this site).