Licensed Syndicated Horoscopes says that it is important to drive repeat traffic to your website in order to make the most of your affiliate program. One of the best ways to encourage repeat traffic is to license syndicated horoscope content for your website.

“Provide rich site content and update it frequently to give people a reason to return on a regular basis. A loyal and interested audience can be a lucrative asset for Associates.”
– (’s “Get More Traffic” page)

“Where can I get affordable syndicated horoscope content for my web site?”
… Right here at!

Syndicated Daily Horoscopes Syndicated Weekly Horoscopes Syndicated Monthly Horoscopes
Western: $240

Daily Western Horoscopes

Western: $80

Weekly Western Horoscopes

Western: $50

Monthly Western Horoscopes

Chinese: $240

Daily Chinese Horoscopes

Chinese: $80

Weekly Chinese Horoscopes

Monthly Syndicated Horoscopes are only
available in Western Horoscopes.
Please note that monthly horoscopes are delivered monthly, within 48 hours of the end of the month.Daily and weekly syndicated
horoscopes are available
a full year in advance.

Creative, compelling, sticky content that drives repeat traffic. That’s the goal of every web developer. offers syndicated daily horoscopes, dynamic horoscope content that brings your visitors back day after day to visit your website.

Did you know that right after the main or “front page” of the newspaper, that the most popular content pages are those containing syndicated cartoons and horoscope content?

“In an industry built on hard facts and skepticism, horoscopes are a conundrum. Editors can dismiss them as superstitious rubbish, but they cannot escape the fact that they sell newspapers”.
— The Guardian Newspaper, UK, January 12, 2004

In our experience providing horoscopes to web portals, syndicated horoscopes are high-traffic content generators – often syndicated horoscopes are the next most popular content section of the site, right beneath the main portal page!

Affordable extra sticky, high-traffic syndicated licensed content that attracts daily repeat visits

You may be able to increase your internal traffic by as much as 700% by adding syndicated daily horoscopes to your site. Just imagine your periodic visitors returning every day for fresh content, and you can see how daily horoscopes can dramatically boost your return traffic. licenses daily horoscope content for syndicated non-exclusive publication to websites, email lists, and print publications. Our syndicated horoscopes are delivered to you via email, annually in advance. You may format them as you wish, with your choice of font, color, and graphics.

Licensed Syndicated Horoscope Content in multiple formats

Astrology.casyndicated horoscopes are available in daily, weekly and monthly archives. Each horoscope archive is available in Text, Javascript, CSV, Tab-delimited and XML format. We think we’ve covered all the major formats here, but if you need a custom format, let us know and we’ll see what we can do about customizing the horoscope format for you. Daily and weekly syndicated horoscopes are delivered in one 12-month archive. Monthly syndicated horoscopes are delivered monthly at this point (though we are working on getting ahead, and eventually these horoscopes will be delivered in annual archives as well).

Licensed Syndicated Horoscope Content – Download License

Our syndicated horoscope content is delivered in a series of files that can be imported into your database or content management software. We offer Plain Text, Javascript, CSV, Tab-Delimited and XML versions of our syndicated horoscopes. The cost is $240 USD per year (this price does not include any individual customization or database preparation you may require). We provide a full archive via email on receipt of payment via PayPal. Your PayPal receipt is your final receipt.

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Corporate Horoscope Content Licenses, Powered by

If you require credit terms, must pay by check and will need a written, signed license, we offer a corporate license. It is considerably more expensive than our Download License, due to persistent abuse of these kinds of terms. For more information, contact us.

Corporate Horoscope Content Reseller licenses, Powered by

Are you looking for horoscope content for a series of websites? Or are you reselling horoscope content through cellular, wireless, web or other technologies? We also offer a reseller’s license to content syndicators and resellers. For more information, contact us.

We can provide up to one year’s worth of horoscopes in advance, saving you the headache and worry of last-minute content sourcing. offers a number of astrological graphics and zodiac symbols free of charge to our website and cellular clients.

Your horoscopes will be delivered as an archive of 12 months, starting from the date of purchase, and will renew annually at that time. We will contact you a month prior to remind you to renew.