Sun Signs

A Word About Sun Sign Accuracy

Once in a very long while I will get a letter from a horoscope reader who, sometimes confused, sometimes hostile, indicates that their sun signs were somewhat less than accurate. I think overall I do a pretty good job – I get many more letters saying how accurate the horoscopes are. keeps growing. I know these folks are in the minority, but I still feel a responsibility to them, because I feel that their experience is colored by their expectations of the art of Astrology. Many of them do not understand the limitations of the format of “Sun Sign Horoscopes”.

The ultimate mission here originally was to teach people about the full depth and complexity of Astrology. Sun Sign Astrology (Horoscope) is the form of astrology that most people know. These incredibly popular daily forecasts are a standard fixture in newspapers, magazines and now web sites and even TV shows offer them. People love them, and they can be a lot of fun. While I’d prefer to do something more complex, the fact is that the average person isn’t interested in much more than these 2-3 line daily forecasts. When I started out, I did not offer them. I decided to give it a try and our traffic jumped something like 1000% and has grown continually over time. Give people what they want if you want to eat.

How are my Sun-Signs done?

I do cast individual charts for my daily horoscopes. The Moon moves a lot from day to day, the sun does not, so I look at the position of the Moon for daily horoscopes. I then analyze the position of the Moon or Sun for each sign, and an interpretation is chosen from an archive of interpretations depending on the placement of the planet, and its relationship to other planets that day or week. I create a template, and an interpretation is placed from a database I have of horoscope interpretations that relate to the Moon’s position by aspect and house placement. I am continually adding new interpretations to the archive, but they may on occasion repeat.

The problem with sun sign horoscopes, as both skeptics and serious astrologers will point out, is that the forecasts are ultimately based on the position of the Sun on the reader’s birthday (For example on September 28th, the Sun is at 4 degrees in Libra). There are 30 degrees in each sign, and the Sun moves one degree per day. So there are literally 30 different kinds of Libras, 30 different kinds of Scorpios, and so on! Unfortunately, the Sun Sign Astrologer cannot present 30 different readings for every degree in a sign.

And it gets even more complex! What most people don’t know is that less than 1% of the complexity of a natal astrological chart is reflected in the sun sign. When people see a real astrological chart for the first time they often ask “What the heck is that!” The Sun, Moon, Planets, Asteroids, Lunar Nodes, and even theoretical and mathematical angles have to be studied to give a truly individual chart. It’s a process that can take hours for a trained astrologer in the process of preparing a personalized chart – and it’s a life-long process of learning.

I have mixed feelings about sun signs. As a serious student of astrology, I’m painfully aware how little of the depth of astrological insight can be gained by looking at a typical horoscope. I agree with the skeptics that there is little to no reliable evidence supporting sun sign astrology as an effective tool for self-growth or forecasting the future. So why offer them here?

Sun sign horoscopes are popular. People enjoy them. I am hopeful that you will enjoy my sun sign horoscopes and that you will become interested in learning more about astrology once you realize how much more you can learn about yourselves with this ancient and noble art form. I try to include what wisdom I can in the short space available, and sun sign horoscopes are “For Fun and Entertainment Purposes”, to encourage you to visit the rest of the site, where I hope you will learn more about astrology.

How can you get a more meaningful reading from horoscopes?

Well, there are a couple things to keep in mind.

First – sun sign horoscopes are short – usually 4-3 sentences, max. That means it is impossible every time to account for certain kinds of differences. For example, Mars trine Venus in the chart of a single person may indicate a new love interest. For a married person it may mean a romantic period with an existing mate. When I say “your spouse or partner” we do recognize that some of the folks in the sign in question may indeed be single. I know that not everyone is working – so when I say “your job”, that can be switched with “your business”, “your work”, or even “the search for work”. I try to rotate perspective on these kinds of issues as much as I can – but sometimes you might have to re-interpret my statements in light of your own personal situation. You may find that this makes the reading clearer and more accurate.

Second – and more importantly, if you are only reading the sun sign horoscope, there are two other horoscope signs you should read. In addition to the Sun, you should know the Moon Sign and Ascendant. The Ascendant position is where the Sun is located on the Eastern horizon at the exact moment of your birth. Reading the horoscope for the Moon and Ascendant as well as the sun sign horoscope can give you a much better, more personalized reading than sticking with the sun sign. You can find out your Ascendant if you know your time and place of birth. You can order a natal chart from Astrology Source that comes complete with interpretations of your many “signs”.

The following chart for C. G. Jung illustrates the complexity of the natal chart. Click on the chart for a larger sample.

The Sign on the first house cusp is your Ascendant (in this case, Aquarius). This person should read Aquarius, Leo and Taurus for a better overall “horoscope”. He may sometimes find that the three different readings seem to contradict one another. He may find that the day is confusing, contradictory, or that the energies manifest differently in different areas of his life.

By the way, the charts you can get from this site can go into great detail if you want to learn more about your birth chart. There is a long report with interpretations that will explain your aspects.

Remember that your future is not cast in stone, Astrology does not take away freedom of choice, and it doesn’t absolve you of personal responsibility for your future! Your astrology chart is not the be-all and end-all of who you are. There are other influences that can over-rule and even cancel out astrological influences. The following chart illustrates the principle:


Astrological charts do not account for culture, marital and financial status, and while parental influences and some genetic influences may be reflected in the chart, there are times where they can be overcome by strength of will and insight. There are any number of ways a particular aspect may manifest. For one person, a “tough time in the home” may translate to an unwanted move, for another, the inability to move, for another, a chance to renovate or build a new home, for yet another, it could manifest as a dysfunctional family problem. People may have no choice about the energies coming into their lives, but they do have a choice how to react to them. Millionaires are often born with similar aspects to unhappy paupers. They take the challenges life throws at them and forge opportunities from them. A good astrologer can help you discover the weaknesses that hide your strengths, the challenges that hide opportunities. It’s up to YOU to make them happen.