Moon and Rising Signs?

What are your Moon and Rising Signs?

Moon and Rising Sign? But I thought I was a Scorpio!

True – everyone has only one “Sun” sign – but that is far from the totality of your astrological chart. Every planet has a different sign in every chart – and because of the way charts are calculated for horoscopes, Moon and Rising Signs are often excellent “qualifiers” to a daily horoscope reading.

The “Moon Sign” seems pretty straight forward – that is the sign the Moon was in at your birth. It stands for the more emotional and intuitive intelligence of a particular human being. The Rising Sign – also known as the Ascendant Degree – is the location of the eastern horizon at the time of your birth. It sets the tone for the whole chart – and tells an astrologer a great deal about your personality. Some horoscopes are far more accurate for Rising Degrees than they are for Sun Signs in fact. We recommend you read all three signs for a good daily overview.

If you don’t know your Moon and Rising Sign, we recommend that you purchase a natal chart from Astrology Source.