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Media Mentions – Bio

Brandi Jasmine is a writer, artist, photographer, intuitive coach and astrologer based in the Niagara region of Ontario Canada. A student of astrology for over 20 years, Brandi has earned a reputation for compassionate straight talk. Brandi’s astrological focus is on teaching other lay-people to understand and use astrology for their personal growth and development. A student of personal development and the Law of Attraction, Brandi believes that astrology is one tool among many to focus attention and awareness on the growth of consciousness.

Brandi is the head writer, editor and designer of Her horoscopes are featured here at, and are licensed to a wide range of web sites, publications and wireless platforms.

Media Mentions for Brandi Jasmine and

Guest: The ButterFly Medium Show with Ivana Figueiredo (10/6/2016)

Guest: Danielle Daoust Psychic Radio Show (Repeat periodic guest)

Metro News – August 2009