Astro-Coaching with Brandi Jasmine

Find Your Potential, Achieve Your Desired Results, Find Your Life’s Purpose!

What I do …

My astrological consultation approach is a little different than a traditional astrological reading. While I still look at your past, present and future, I approach your astro-analysis more like a life-coach. The emphasis is not on “fortune telling” or on advice-giving, instead I use a combination of intuition, astrology and personal-growth techniques to focus your awareness on the choices you can make now to improve your life, make better decisions, be more productive, happier, healthier and successful in the year ahead. This reading is designed to help you find your own answers and make your own decisions, better and more effectively.

I analyse your natal astrological chart to determine your strengths, weakenesses, challenges and talents. A natal astrology chart reading reveals your innate personality (what you were born with). You can discover what talents you have brought with you int this lifetime, what your best career choices are.

I forecast the astrological weather for your year ahead. An astrological transit chart can tell you what areas in life are likely to flow smoothly, and where the choppy waters are. I will tell you what hazards you can avoid, and what energies you may have to accept.

What I don’t do …

I don’t make decisions for you. If you have a tough choice, I will outline the most likely outcomes for each choice. It’s up to you to pick your path.

Which is one reason why I don’t “tell your future”. The future isn’t etched in stone. I believe that astrological forces are like waves that push us along like a sailboat on the ocean. If you know how to to tack, you can get to your goal, even when the wind isn’t favorable. A good reading tells you which way the wind is blowing, but it can offer no guarantees of success. That part is up to you. I will tell you what way the winds will be blowing, but I focus primarily on the here and now, and how you can make more effective choices in your immediate priorities.

I don’t read third party charts (spouse, partner, friend, coworker, employee etc) without their express written permission. I only rarely read the charts of those under the age of 16, and then only with written parental permission. I won’t even entertain the question “When will he/she change?” … my readings are about you and your choices.

I don’t do medical readings. While a natal chart analysis may bring up health issues, I am not a doctor, I don’t diagnose illness and give no medical advice.

Natal Chart/Current Transits Analysis: $120.00 (Recorded Email or Live Telephone within Canada and the Mainland United States)

The Natal Chart/Current Transits Analysis takes approximately one hour, and will cover your general personality profile, strengths, weaknesses and challenges. I will need your birth data, and a list of  three detailed questions If you are asking about your spouse or partner, include your current marital status. If you are asking about your employment, include your current situation. Please be as detailed as possible, as vague questions may lead to delays in processing your chart.  When sending birth data, please write it out as follows: January 12, 1973, 10:30 pm, New York, NY USA.


One Question Analysis – $30.00 per chart (Email Only)

A one-question reading can be on any topic. It can be almost any question that requires only one chart to answer.

Examples of common questions “What kind of career am I best suited for?”
“Should I leave this job?”
“Should I buy a house?”
“What is the best way for me to make money?”
“What is my Life Purpose?”

If more than one chart is required to answer the question, you will be notified before the analysis is completed.

Examples of situations that may require more than one chart

“How compatible am I with my partner?”
“Why don’t I get along with this person?”
“Do I have karma with this person?”
“What city should I move to?”

Questions I do not answer:

“When will I (or someone else) die?” … These kinds of questions cannot be accurately timed with astrological analysis. At best, we can narrow down to certain times that appear to be more critical or challenging than others.

“Is this the right person for me?” … I will tell you how compatible you are with a given person (providing we have their permission for the analysis), but whether or not he or she is the “right” one, that is up to you.

“Can you tell me if this pain in my chest is heartburn or a heart problem?” … I’m not a qualified medical practitioner or medical astrologer.

 Corporate/Business Astro-Numerology Analysis $120

Working with both Astrology and numerology, I help you find the best astrological timing and numerological energetics for branding your company. You provide your name at birth, birth date, time and place, your current name, and signature profile (not your actual signature, but how you sign your name), proposed dates for launch (within a month-long period) and your proposed branding. I provide best/worst times for launch and recommended names/domain names that best suit your numerological energy.