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01/31/1900- 02/18/1901
02/18/1912 – 02/05/1913
02/05/1924 – 01/24/1925
01/24/1936 – 02/10/1937
02/10/1948 – 01/28/1949
01/28/1960 – 02/14/1961
02/15/1972 – 02/02/1973
02/02/1984 – 02/19/1985
02/19/1996 – 02/06/1997

Character Traits of the Chinese Astrological Sign: Rat

Charming, attractive, acquisitive, perfectionists, clever, ambitious, talkative, inquisitive. Rats are usually good with money, but may tend to be a bit greedy at times. They are people-persons and may be good writers and communicators. Rats have many irons in the fire and like to keep busy. They have to learn to slow down and smell the roses more often, especially where it comes to home and family. Compatible with Dragon, Monkey, and Ox.