Thank you for your Natal Chart order

Our apologies.

It appears some unscrupulous web site has been pointing traffic to our hidden landing page for paid charts, without informing surfers that we charge for our charts. As a result we’ve gotten some rather nasty messages when we’ve informed people these charts aren’t free. Some of these people seem to think we’re fishing for email addresses or something, and that is NOT the case. We don’t maintain a mailing list at this time, nor have we for several years. The only way we would do that is strictly voluntary opt-in, but right now we don’t market that way at all. The only email you should ever get from the “” domain is a response to some inquiry you make of us, such as when you purchase horoscopes for your web site, or a personal reading. We don’t do unsolicited email. If you get any unsolicited email that appears to come from our domain, or if you know what site has directed you here, please let us know.

We have suspended our chart service through the web for the time being, until we track down the offending page(s) or find a way to hide our landing pages better from unscrupulous competitors.

If you are interested in a free computerized chart, please visit AstroDienst (Note – We have no relationship with this site).