Negative vs Positive Thoughts

Negative Positive Thoughts Illustration

I was thinking today and I didn’t like one of the thoughts I had. Ever had a negative, shallow, or even nasty thought cross your mind, then think … “Why did I think that?” Then go on to judge yourself as a horrible person for having such an awful thought? (laugh) … happens to me all the time. Then I had this one …

Everyone has shallow, negative thoughts. Don’t judge these thoughts. Let the unwelcome thought pass without judgment. The rubber meets the road when we make DECISIONS.

Only the decisions count, in the end.

I decided this would be a good topic to bring up on my blog, and on Facebook and I went to looking for an appropriate image, and I found this wonderful image by John Hain. Check out his illustrations there. Everything on Pixabay is “Creative Commons”.

Colors of the Zodiac

Jupiter Swirls - Astrological Artwork by Brandi Jasmine

Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac has its own set of color correspondences, and like much else in astrology, there are some controversies about what colors are considered standard. There is no single color for each sign, it is usually a range of colors that is used or favored by astrologers. There is a general consensus. In my astrological work, color usually comes up in association with charms and clothing worn or preferred by certain signs, and these are the colors I favor in my astrological artwork:

Aries: Red, orange, fire colors

Taurus: Pink, and earth tones like brown and green

Gemini: Yellow, gold

Cancer: White, grey, silver, cream, light blue

Leo: Gold, yellow, orange, royal blue, purple

Virgo:  Earth tones, tan, olive, mustard yellow, brown and green

Libra: Pastels, pink, baby blue, sapphire blue

Scorpio: Red, black, burgundy, maroon

Sagittarius: Purple, dark blue, indigo

Capricorn: Black, dark brown, dark grey

Aquarius: Caribbean blues, turquoise, aquamarine

Pisces: Sea colors, blue, indigo, green