Review: Astro Gold for iOS Version 6.1.3

Astro Gold for iOS Version 6.1.3

Astro Gold for iOS Version 6.1.3

Astro Gold for iOS is an easy to use, accurate and robust astrology program that is ideal for the astrologer on the go. I was impressed with how easily it managed to find my birth city, a task that seems beyond many apps I have tried. I like that you can add locations to the atlas, as I am sure Iā€™m not the only one who was born in a small town with a strange-looking name.

Once you have calculated a chart, you can flip through past or future charts by day, hour, month, or year by clicking the arrows at the top of the chart form. This is an extremely handy option if you need a visual aid to help you show the movements of the planets over time.

The charts are easy to read, scale easily, and can be shared to email, messaging, and social media. The reports, written by Stephanie Johnson, are detailed, and helpful to all levels of experience. Charts can be customized, with multiple choices for style, color, zodiac and house systems. There is an excellent transit report as well as natal reports and charts.

Chart data can be saved to iCloud and can be easily exported into a format compatible with Solar Fire v6 and higher.

Affordable at $39.99 (US), Astro Gold for iOS is an excellent option for beginning astrologers, as well as advanced astrologers looking for a mobile solution.