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Rick Levine Astrology Forecast for December 2016

It’s a Brave New World… Three major patterns push us into new territory. 1) Saturn trine Uranus balances old and new, 2) Jupiter opposition Uranus brings radical breakthrough, and 3) Mercury turns retrograde.


Tuning in to the Sagittarius New Moon – Audio Blog by Lynda Hill

The new Moon in Sagittarius occurs on Tuesday November 29, and, it’s another very interesting, challenging and rather confronting one. This new Moon is exactly conjunct Juno and is squaring the Moon’s nodes, and, Neptune. This can have us wondering about our direction; where to from here, how can we make it to there, what’s next in a world of possibilities, how can we trust, how can we rally faith, how can we feel sure of our direction?

Explore the new moon with Lynda Hill in this 30 minute audio.

Neptune ~ Friend or Foe? Chris Flisher

We have been under the gaze of a retrograde Neptune for the past six months. During that time the attributes that best identify Neptune have been upon us in full force. Neptune is regarded as the planet of confusion, delusion, and illusion. Neptune obscures all that it encounters. On the collective level we have all been under the influence of this nebulous orb as the election season has us twisted around in ways we have never witnessed or imagined. Join host, Chris Flisher as he speaks with world-renowned astrologer, Steven Forrest about this most unusual season and influence.

Venus-Neptune: Idealized love (Sol W Jonassen)

Venus, the planet of love, is now squaring Neptune, the planet of high ideals and sweet dreams, the higher octave of Venus. That is love on love, a huge over-dose of beauty. Are you ready to either let go or let live? Are you ready to be inspired by the sweetest love around or to cry your brave tears because such a love is not to be found? Maybe you should consider stretching your mind to the sky. The best love is the one that is always around. And that is the love you find inside after the bucket of pain is emptied.

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