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The Roles of Pallas Athene and Mercury in the Cardinal Grand Cross

By Gary P. Caton | March 31, 2014 – Mountain Astrologer

April 21, 2014 will be the fifth of seven squares between Uranus and Pluto during the current decade. Because Mars and Jupiter are joining the action and creating a “cardinal grand cross,” a lot of people in the astrology world seem to think that this square (i.e., the fifth in the series) is going to be different, perhaps more like what we were expecting — a return of the widespread revolutionary fervor of the 1960s.

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Cardinal Grand Cross 2014 Mars Management

Strap yourself in and get ready for a wild ride over the next several weeks! That Cardinal T-square that’s been following us since the beginning of 2014? The one with Jupiter opposite Pluto and Uranus square to both of them? Well, this aspect pattern is turning into a Grand Cross – think of it as a T-square with a serious attitude problem.

Both aspect patterns (the Grand Cross, sometimes also called a Grand Square, and the T-square) hinge on the Uranus-Pluto square. After 4 passes over the last 2 years, and even longer before that leading up to them, are you sick of Uranus-Pluto yet?? Well don’t start planning the farewell party just yet – we still have 3 more passes: Apr.21, Dec.15 and Mar.16.2015.

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Mar.30 – NEW MOON in ARIES

It has been said that birth is one of the most aggressive, forceful events there is.

When something is born, it is as mysterious and magical and utterly life changing as is death. One minute it’s not there, and the next minute it is. Breathing on its own. An independent entity. Real.

Birth. Changes. Everything.

Once something is born, you have to deal with it. There’s no shoving it back into the womb. Birth is a one-way door. You can’t unring the bell and you can’t unbirth the baby.

Ready or not, here it comes!

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March 16, 2014 – Full Moon in Virgo

Virgo has a reputation for being a “worry wart.”

Whether male or female, this archetypal young maiden is very particular.

She wants things to be just so, and is very determined to make this happen.

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Phil Reckard’s March AstroForecast

Interesting word this “march” thing, when capitalized is the name of a month, when not is a soldier’s activity en masse, or even as a sign of progress – the march is on – and so forth. All trace their etymological roots back to the red planet Mars which is the planet to watch carefully these days, turning retrograde until mid May entirely within Venus’ ruling sign Libra, where Mars simply doesn’t match Her furniture.

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Asteroid Hekate

Asteroid Hekate

What could asteroid Hekate signify astrologically? The first thoughts tend to associate it with witchcraft. But looking deeper into her mythology we find much more than just the stereotypical warty witch. More –>

The Low-Down on the Far-Out Full Moon in Leo 2014

Jan.30 – NEW MOON in AQUARIUS (10:55 of Aquarius)
NEW MOON in AQUARIUS, by Wendy Guy

There is a very fine line between subtlety and distraction; between absurdity and genius.  Aquarius is brilliant at navigating that line, wobbling back and forth over it and even perching on it like a bird on a wire.  More –>

Dealing with Difficult Astrological Influences

Dealing with Difficult Astrological Influences
By Nicholas Theo

For the past several years, some alarmists have warned of potential widespread cataclysms that await us as we live through the long-running dance of the “Pluto in Capricorn-Uranus in Aries” square from 2010-15. More —>

New Moon in Capricorn – January 2014 (Wendy Guy –

We are now giving birth to a bouncing baby New Year. And we all know what that means.


And a lot of $#!+ to come. ;-)

In Capricorn there is labour. Work. Effort. Expenditure of energy.

This New Moon in Capricorn is all about labour: labour pains, screaming and yelling, and push, push, push!

There is also a lot of, um, fertilizer. And that stinks. But it’s essential if you are going to grow something, which is essential if you are going to build something.

And what’s the point of labour if you haven’t created or built something new by the end of it? Thankfully, Capricorn also brings the rewards that come from that labour.

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SOTA 2013

SOTA Astrological Conference.


SOTA stands for State of the Art. It is an astrology conference geared to intermediate and advanced astrology students and professionals. They are small, friendly, and feature accessible speakers who enjoy teaching and make learning both easy and fun.

Speakers include: Maurice Fernandez (Hawaii), Adam Gainsburg (Virginia), Brad Kochunas (Ohio), Samuel Reynolds (New York), Debra Rozek (Michigan), Kelly Surtees (Ontario), Donna Van Toen (Ontario), and 15 more top-notch speakers from across the US and Canada.

Topics include: Draconic Astrology, Karmic Clearing in Astrology, Declination, Solar Arc Directions, Tropical vs. Sidereal Zodiacs, Aspect Patterns, and 20 more, ranging from natal to predictive to psychological to metaphysical.

They also have a trade room where you can find the latest trends in books, software, jewelry, CDs, and metaphysical must-haves like candles, Buddhas, incense, and minerals. Or book a consultation with great readers — Patricia Beers, Tim Brainard, Lorraine Hughes, or Navika. Admission to the trade room is absolutely FREE. So join them. You won’t be sorry!

When??? October 24-27, 2013
Where??? Sheraton at the Falls, Niagara Falls, NY


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